My Thoughts on Scorched Earth

Beautiful things from the past have to come back in the future

written by: Nele Ost | 25-11-2020

Nele Ost - Scorched Earth - Blog on Thursd (6)

Floral Trend Color of the Year



Nele Ost - Scorched Earth - Blog on Thursd (1)


As Thursd releases the floral trend color of 2021 ’Scorched Earth’, we decided to make a bouquet of flowers inspired by the underlying message of the new trend: Climate change is there and will happen. If we don’t act sooner rather than later, everything will fade away. Just like the bouquet of flowers where the first petals are already falling down. The bouquet was made in an antique Mobach vase to emphasize that we have to realize that so many beautiful things have come from the past. It is our moral duty to make sure that future generations can enjoy the same beautiful things as our present.



The Earth

The circle of flowers represents the earth with its dark and mysterious center. The outer roses represent us as humans, who shed light on the earth and give each other hope in difficult times. Let flowers be a beacon of hope and shine light in the darkness.


Nele Ost - Scorched Earth - Blog on Thursd


Nele Ost

Nele Ost is a Belgian floral designer and decorator. As the daughter of world-renowned artist Daniël Ost, she is currently the creative director of the Belgian Flower House that her parents founded in 1979. Together with her team, she runs multiple shops in Belgium and abroad and they design and produce the most remarkable flower decorations for all kinds of events, ranging from small birthday parties in the Belgian countryside to Royal Weddings in the Middle East. Nele enjoys creating concepts that surpass only the use of flowers, as she loves to play around with ceramics, candles, vases, and many other accessories as well.

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