It’s Christmas Time with Lisianthus

Four leading floral designers set to work with the beautiful lisianthus

written by: Pascal Koeleman | 18-11-2020

It's Christmas Time with Lisianthus

Inspired by Wham!

Inspired by Wham!’s Last Christmas, it’s happening: It’s Christmas time with lisianthus. The family feeling and Christmas experience of this unforgettable video clip form the basis of the ‘Making Of’ of the very first virtual Lisianthus Christmas Show. An experience that should not be missed, and which provides extra color in the house during the dark days of December.


It's Christmas Time with Lisianthus



Four leading floral designers set to work with the beautiful lisianthus. Subsequently, the breathtaking results will be shown and also the complete Making Of the Lisianthus Christmas Show. This has resulted in a great lisianthus spectacle.



Floral Designers

The four leading floral designers who have dedicated themselves to the Making Of are Hanneke Frankema, Geertje Stienstra, Tiffany van Lenten, and Tineke Geerlings.



They wrapped the lisianthus in a Christmas atmosphere within five color palettes of shades ranging from traditional Christmas red and white to bold trendy shades such as dark blue and the new nude tones.

The Most Beautiful Creations

The most beautiful creations emerged. Enormous arrangements, and also small and fine ones, hanging creations, and table decorations. Decorative still lifes, candlesticks, bowls, a hanging flower star, and even an elegant bridal bouquet for the winter bride.

Several styles are represented in the implementation, romantic and classic, but also contemporary, hip, and trendy. The Christmas Lisianthus Show contains plenty of inspiration for all target groups and age groups.






Lisianthus is originally a summer flower. However, the developments are not standing still and huge leaps have been made in breeding. For example, lisianthus is nowadays produced in excellent quality all year round. There is more variation in the flower shapes, from single to double and fringed. The color palette is wide and almost all colors are represented. But the shelf life is also great.



These are all ingredients that invite you to unpack and show the decorative value of lisianthus also goes well with Christmas! And especially now consumers will remain stuck for a long time due to the COVID-19 problem, this is an excellent opportunity for lisianthus to present itself as a messenger of a little color and atmosphere for the Christmas season.






Making Of

The Making Of the Lisianthus Christmas Show is available on the social media channels of 2dezign.

For more information, contact 2dezign via [email protected]

Pascal Koeleman

Several years ago Pascal Koeleman a florist, entrepreneur, and product designer started his own business with fashion and styling specialist Rudi Tuinman. They built it into a flourishing company. Today 2Dezign is a team of talented professionals people with years of experience in the flower and gift markets working together with young, passionate, talented people.

Commercial vision and creative energy are the underlying motivation of our team. The 2Dezign team is backed up by a group of solid, professional partners and freelancers. Therefore, every new project gets the attention and care it deserves to become a success. An efficient way of getting the job done!

2Dezign has an extensive portfolio. They work for small companies with a small product range, and large multinational organizations. Pascal and Rudi make sure the use of marketing tools is continually being provoked to its creative boundaries, keeping it lively and interesting.

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