Golden Yellow Tones of Scorched Earth in Pakistan

Through nature, we become aware of the possibilities of color combinations

written by: Farida Kalim | 16-12-2020

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The sustainable floral trend color for 2021 ‘Scorched Earth’ brightens the atmosphere with its vibrant golden yellow which radiates warmth and cheerfulness.


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What Scorched Earth Means to Me as a Color

To me, Scorched Earth envisages the rich season of Autumn in all its glory and reminds me of the poet John Keats when he wrote his famous “Ode to Autumn”. He described it as the season of mists and fruitfulness close bosom-friend of the maturing sun.



Autumn in Pakistan

When Nature changes its garb to gold, orange and red, and then sheds all leaves baring the trees to silhouettes of brown and beige. The richness of autumn colors so profuse they invigorate the mind energizing it with gusto, energy, and elation.
I am inspired in my designs by the autumn colors in the North of Pakistan
Of the majesty and glory, they create.
Through Nature, we become aware of the possibilities of color combinations. That produces harmony and beauty which we emulate in our designs.



What Scorched Earth Wakes up in Me

To keep beauty alive, we must play our part to nurture and protect nature in every way. To protect the environment from harmful effects and eradicate all pollution, gases, and industrial waste.
My designs have picked up the beautiful shades of autumn set outdoors to be close to nature.


Farida Kalim and The Glory of Autumn in Pakistan (1)


Farida Kalim

Flowers and gardens attracted Farida since she was a little girl and growing up this interest developed into entering the world of Floral design. She joined the Floral Art Society of Pakistan many decades ago and still is a very active member also joined the World Association of Floral artists and attended all the World Shows held in many Countries since 35 years ago.
A freelance designer has a passion to keep in touch with all the latest trends and Contemporary styles. Besides she loves traveling so attends International Floral exhibitions like the Interflora World Cup, Europa Cup, the IPM in Germany Flueramour Belgium, and many others.
She has competed in many International Flower Shows and has won awards and also given Floral Demonstrations in many countries.
Her passion to learn has taken her to workshops held by great masters like Gregor Lersch, Elly Lin, Araik Galstyan Frederic Dupre, and others which she treasures.

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