Floral Photography by Paul – Purple and Blue

The beauty lies in the details

written by: Paul Heijmink | 01-04-2020

Paul Heijmink - Author on Thursd Header
I am a Flower Photographer!

In addition to my day job in the tree nursery wholesaler at the flower auction in Ede, The Netherlands, I spend a lot of time taking pictures of flowers and plants. Macro photography in particular is my greatest hobby. I always take my photographic equipment with me when visiting parks, botanical gardens, show gardens or flower exhibitions. Macro photography is a great way to let people see what I see.

My motto is: look closely, the beauty is in the details!

This time I would like to show you the following cut flowers:


Allium Forelock -  © by Paul Heijmink Photography - on Thursd
Allium Forelock © Paul Heijmink Photography


Cobaea Scandens -  © by Paul Heijmink Photography - on Thursd
Cobaea Scandens © Paul Heijmink Photography


Crocus Pickwick -  © by Paul Heijmink Photography - on Thursd
Crocus Pickwick © Paul Heijmink Photography


Hydrangea Macrophylla Bavaria -  © by Paul Heijmink Photography - on Thursd
Hydrangea Macrophylla Bavaria © Paul Heijmink Photography


Rose Everlasting Lavender -  © by Paul Heijmink Photography - on Thursd
Rose Everlasting Lavender © Paul Heijmink Photography


All pictures copyright by Paul Heijmink Photography. Paul also has an interesting Facebook page where he shares his work.



Paul Heijmink

Sharing my passion for flowers and gardens in combination with my photography is what I like most. I hope to share this passion with everyone, also with you.
I live in The Netherlands and work in a flower auction and see the most wonderful plants and flowers every day.

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