Floral Photography by Paul – Bridal Flowers

Flowers you can use in a wedding bouquet

written by: Paul Heijmink | 29-04-2020

Paul Heijmink - Bridal Flowers - on Thursd - Header
I Am a Flower Photographer!

In addition to my day job in the tree nursery wholesaler at the flower auction in Ede, the Netherlands, I spend a lot of time taking pictures of flowers and plants. Macro photography, in particular, is my greatest hobby. I always take my photographic equipment with me when visiting parks, botanical gardens, show gardens or flower exhibitions. Macro photography is a great way to let people see what I see.

My Motto Is: Look Closely, the Beauty Is in the Details!

This time I would like to show you the following flowers you can definitely use in a wedding bouquet.

© by Paul Heijmink Photography Dahlia Cafe au Lait
Dahlia Cafe au Lait © by Paul Heijmink Photography


© by Paul Heijmink Photography Paeonia
Peony © by Paul Heijmink Photography


© by Paul Heijmink Photography Ranunculus
Ranunculus © by Paul Heijmink Photography


© by Paul Heijmink Photography Rosa Patience
Rosa Patience from David Austin © by Paul Heijmink Photography


© by Paul Heijmink Photography Vanda Kangana Angelite
Vanda Kangana Angelite from grower Ansu Vanda © by Paul Heijmink Photography


© by Paul Heijmink Photography
Rose Myabi from Alexandra Farms © by Paul Heijmink Photography

Paul Heijmink

Sharing my passion for flowers and gardens in combination with my photography is what I like most. I hope to share this passion with everyone, also with you.
I live in The Netherlands and work in a flower auction and see the most wonderful plants and flowers every day.

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