Fleur Book Tip : Dream Makers © Michaël Ferire

An Artistic piece of work

written by: Regine Motmans | 15-02-2021

Fleur Book Tip _ Dream Makers © Michaël Ferire - On Thursd - Header

Dream Makers, an inspiring book with beautiful photography of the work of event designer Guendalina Litta


Fleur Book Tip _ Dream Makers © Michaël Ferire - Blog on Thursd


An Artistic Mood Board

Guendalina Litta is one of the world’s best-known event planners. Her book is an artistic mood board with lots of inspiration for other creative people and event designers. Richly illustrated with photos from front and backstage at events. With fantastic floral creations by Eric Chauvin (France), Thierry Boutemy (Belgium), Rattiflora (Italy), and many more.


Fleur Book Tip _ Dream Makers © Michaël Ferire - Blog on Thursd


Attending to Every Detail

Guendalina Litta – the author of Dream Makers – is a veritable dream maker and the most sought-after bespoke event planner for clients from diverse cultural backgrounds. From the simplest decor to an extravaganza spread over a vast locale, her unique gatherings are conceived for delight.

Follow a candlelit path into an enchanted forest for an evening under the stars, take cues from a masterpiece painting for an immersive experience, dine at a glass table embedded with riotous flowers in an elegant greenhouse, or be transported to an exotic land while never leaving your own property.

Guendalina never ceases to reinvent her signature art of entertaining, cultivating a welcoming, convivial atmosphere that brings people together as she masterfully orchestrates the magical celebration.
Guendalina’s creativity and style, combined with logistical prowess, are unparalleled. She and her exceptional team of artisans – caterers, florists, interior designers, architects, calligraphers, costumers, artists, and performers – attend to every detail in order to create ephemeral experiences that will linger forever in the memory of each guest.



Custom Designed

This new book, featuring previously unpublished photography of her most recent events, serves as an artistic mood board to inspire event planners and creatives of every stripe. The pairings of behind-the-scene and front-of-house photographs create associations designed to spark creativity, and the clothbound cover reproduces a custom-designed, hand-painted fabric from one of the celebrations.

Dream Makers
Guendalina Litta
24.8 x 33 cm, HC I English, French I Flammarion I € 75

Order at the Fleur Creatif Bookshop!

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