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written by: Thursd. | 01-09-2020


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Thursd is an open platform where everyone related to floriculture can share stories. That is why you are invited to submit and promote your stories. About news, products, services, businesses, events, insights or other topics related to floriculture.

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Are you a specialist within floriculture? Do you like to write about, and for the flower industry? Have an eye for new developments? Like to write about trends, sustainability, or innovations? Or do you have a top list of the best practices in social media, the best packaging tools, or the most beautiful flower shops in your city?

Or any other topics you like to address?

Send Thursd a message and maybe your blogs will be on visible to the global audiences.


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In a ‘Expertise/Blogger Story’ you can share your field of expertise stories. It must be related to the flower industry. You send your texts, and Thursd will create and publish your content with images and great SEO.

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THURSD. is the online floral meetup spot where international professionals in floriculture connect and expand the online conversation.

Thursd gives an independent insight into the total floriculture supply chain and showcases content related to beautiful products, services, and businesses.

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