Callas for a Scorched Earth

Very elegant flowers with magnificent colors

written by: Sarah Willemart | 25-11-2020

Callas for a Scorched Earth by Sarah Willemart

Callas are Very Elegant Flowers

Callas have a super sturdy quality. We can work with them three days ahead on collages, floral jewelry, and outfits. They have magnificent colors, especially the orange calla. The calla is a very elegant flower and is pleasant to work with. This shows in the designs I created in the Scorched Earth color pallette. Have a look and be amazed by the quality of this elegant flower.

63 Orange Callas

63 Orange callas. The callas are decomposed to create these scales of flowers, the hearts being added in a second step. The design is combined with the intensity of black feathers and wild red feathers.



Callas for a Scorched Earth by Sarah Willemart
Model: Opale-Hope Fox, Photographer: Théodora Sabath


28 Pink and Fuchsia Callas

28 Pink and fuchsia callas are combined in a modern bridal bouquet, with a wired bouquet structure in twist technique. I made a chain of calla stems on the Twist structure, then assembled the callas on a zig-zag wire to position them on the bouquet.



Callas for a Scorched Earth by Sarah Willemart


10 White Callas

10 White Callas in a poetic bridal bouquet, star wire structure (with an odd number of wires). Then I made a braiding of different types of ribbons, an installation of a chain of white pearls and hydrangea flowers. Then placing callas with floral glue.



Callas for a Scorched Earth by Sarah Willemart


38 Orange Callas

38 Orange callas in an American-style bridal bouquet, Lehner Wolle burgundy wool yarn, broth wire. Soften your callas before making the bouquet, assembling the callas in several stages, until you obtain a rounded shape.



Callas for a Scorched Earth by Sarah Willemart


Callas by Haas Calla & Helleborus

For my designs for Scorched Earth 2021 color as Sarah Fleur, I used callas by Haas Calla & Helleborus.

Sarah Willemart

Daughter of a Florist and a Psychoanalyst, I grew up in the world of plants and analysis. Living in the countryside, nature was all around me.

After passing my BAC in Agronomy and Environment, and studying florist, I continued my studies and obtained my interior decorator diploma.

I understood that I wanted to do something that looked like me, something different. The idea then arose, a fusion between the tattoo and the flower. I released my book "Inked & Blossom" that came out in June 2017.

My inspirations come from everywhere, from other trades, films, books, and my imagination. We have to use everything around us. And my passions are numerous! First of all, I will say "life", then, of course, nature, the flower. I like walks in the forest, discovering all that nature can offer, the graphics it builds fascinate me.

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