Bringing Extremes Together

Josef Dirr, Greek Mythology, and Avalanche+

written by: Josef Dirr | 24-06-2020

Josef Dirr Avalanche Rose - on Thursd - Header

Greek Mythology

When it comes to white Avalanche+ roses I always think of Greek mythology. The story of Aphrodite which gave birth to the roses by entering the sea and where the foam coming from sea waves fell on the earth. These are made white and red roses grow from the earth.

Purity and Elegance

Nowadays white flowers are often used in corporate design but also by various lifestyle brands as a sign of purity and elegance. For me, it is exciting to bring together extremes and have contrasts. Like this design in a parking garage in Stuttgart which exhibits various photo artists.


Josef Dirr Avalanche Rose - on Thursd - wide 3


Josef Dirr Avalanche Rose - on Thursd - wide


Back to the Greek Mythology

One of the two loading areas reminds me of Greek mythology. The forms and the nudity reminds us of Aphrodite or Medusa with the twisted body’s. The white roses could remind to the pure dear Medusas, the dark background to the curse of the Minerva which changed the hair of Medusa’s in snakes.



In addition to the extraordinary combination of art in the parking garage, the flowers were used with the black intertwined film in extreme contrast.


Josef Dirr on Thursd.
Josef Dirr

Josef Dirr

Josef Dirr is Vice-Champion of Florists in Baden-Württemberg and winner of the FDF Flower Battle Award at the IPM Essen 2020. He works in Manfred Hoffmann’s creative team, is a speaker/teacher at the Association of German Florists, and is very intensively committed to the work of this association.

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