Avalanche+ is a Rose for Every Kind of Event

Strong, versatile and absolutely beautiful

written by: Alina Neacsa | 28-06-2020

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If there is one rose that comes to my mind for every kind of event, it is the Avalanche+ rose.

Strong, versatile and absolutely beautiful

I’ve been working in the flower and wedding industries for the last 15 years and by now, I know exactly what flower to pick for each type of event. And Avalanche roses are always a part of my weekly flower order.  Because they are really strong, versatile and absolutely beautiful. They open beautifully, and for me, this is a very important feature for a rose to me.


Alina Neacsa Quote Avalanche+

My personal favorite

I don’t recall any major event that I had and not having Avalanche roses. My personal favorite is Sweet Avalanche+ because of its gorgeous color.
Back to favorite thing, I learned that picking the right grower is a lifesaving thing when you work with thousands of flowers in difficult conditions.  I always pick Meijer because I can always rely on the quality. Also the opening stage suits me best. They are a bit more open, and I think because of this, they stay longer and better.

Flori cu Fitze Academy

I also have a school for florists, “Flori cu Fitze Academy’’ here in Romania and I use lots of flowers, and again, Avalanche is always a standing choice. Everyone who knows me, knows that I am a garden rose lover, and that’s 1000 % true but I won’t deny the fact that I use lots of Avalanche+ roses as well.



Visiting Holland

I stand for quality, I always have, and I teach other florists about the importance of good quality flowers.
Two years ago, I start doing trips to Holland with my students, showing them the flower nurseries. Meijer was (of course) one of the growers that I always visit and I saw that, since then, my students have weekly ordered from this grower and that is amazing.

So, either is a wedding, a class, a corporate event or just an outstanding flower bouquet, Avalanche is always a very good choice.
In one of my visits in Meijer nursery I’ve noticed a big display with trophies and medals, and John Meijer said: ‘that’s our hobby’ #priceless!

If they have a hobby in winning competitions with their roses, why not use this perfect rose in your everyday business 😉
Oh, yeah, quick thank you to my supplier Flowering Direct for delivering the roses!


PS: what’s your favorite design?  The urn with Avalanche+, what you can use as a Masterpiece, the flower bouquet with Peach Avalanche+ or the bridal bouquet with sweet avalanche?


Alina Neacsa Avalanche+ Urn - on Thursd

Scented greetings from Romania-

Alina Perfumella!

Alina Neacsa Peach Avalanche+ - on Thursd

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