A Dark Ocean Theme for Christmas 2020

The ultimate show with elements of nature such as water, sky, wind, and oxidized ornaments

written by: Pascal Koeleman | 18-11-2020

Dark Ocean Theme for Christmas

Enjoy the Show

Welcome to Decoration Unlimited, a playground of inspiration in the perfect seasonal & Christmas setting. An out-of-the-box unlimited show, with decorations that will trigger your mind! Be part of our Christmas dream and find the latest ideas for your Christmas stores and retail concepts, interior decorations, display & shop-window ideas. Be inspired and enter into the spirit for the upcoming Christmas season.


Dark Ocean Theme for Christmas


Every year we create a new unique theme that will blow your mind and will inspire your Christmas spirit, and Decoration Unlimited was the overall name for the special show at Christmasworld. So welcome to Decoration Unlimited 2020 ‘Dark Ocean’. Enjoy the show.

The Most Important Time of the Year

For 2dezign Christmas is the most important time of the year, accounting for a significant part of the company’s overall business. 2dezign was proud to announce its 10th special design presentation at Christmasworld. Every year it’s a great creative challenge to come up with an idea that will attract visitors to the Messe and that is also fresh and new.

We love to inspire people and get them thinking outside the box. To show them that there are many ideas to set up a Christmas setting beside the traditional look we all know.



After 2019’s Kinemona Vintage, a yellow Christmas, this year we present you all once again with a huge contrast. Warm and very dark with a touch of the ocean and all its elements. Moreover, not a typical Christmas scene but with all the great Christmas decoration items we received from the exhibitors. In the end, it will be over-the-top Christmas again.

A major part of our successful look is the addition of fresh plants and flowers, bringing everything to life. In our company 2dezign, we have always said that a flower needs a vase, and a pot needs a plant. Adding value and creating the right look is always our top priority.

Our Inspiration for Dark Ocean

It was really dark, chilly, and windy when we arrived at this location in Scotland for a floral photo shoot three years ago. After a five-hour drive from Glasgow, we finally arrived at one of the most stunning and remote locations we ever been to. Looking at the pictures online, we knew that this was going to be a great spot for our floral photoshoot.

Driving around a mountain corner and looking at this setting for the first time, we were swept off our feet. The sky was filled with moody clouds in hundreds of shades of blue, the water was dark and turbulent and in the middle of this all we saw Eilean Donan Castle, a centuries’ old castle that has been exposed to the elements and is oxidized by water and wind.


Dark Ocean Theme for Christmas
Eilean Donan Castle. Photo by Miquel Rosselló Calafell on Pexels


People always ask me where I get my inspiration for my work and for the show at Christmasworld. Well, look at the stunning pictures, you see all the elements you need for a show, all the ingredients are there. This is how I look at this location. Looking at the picture at home, you suddenly realize how great it is.


Dark Ocean Theme for Christmas


In a Blue State of Mind

Blue represents the sky and the sea and is associated with open spaces, freedom, intuition, imagination, expansiveness, inspiration, and sensitivity. Blue also represents a sense of depth, trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, stability, faith, heaven, and intelligence.

Different shades, tints, and hues of blue have different meanings. For example, dark blue can be seen as elegant, rich, sophisticated, intelligent, and old-fashioned. Royal blue can represent superiority, and light blue can mean honesty and trustworthiness.

Additional words that represent different shades, tints, and values of the color blue: sapphire, azure, beryl, cerulean, cobalt, indigo, navy, royal, sky blue, baby blue, robin’s-egg blue, cyan, cornflower blue, midnight blue, slate, steel blue, Prussian blue.



The Theme

Dark Ocean is the name of the 2020 Decoration Unlimited show. Dark Ocean is a combination of elements of nature such as water, sky, wind, and oxidized ornaments. As we said earlier, Christmas is not a typical red and gold traditional feeling for our 2dezign team. Creating the unexpected is our goal. Shades of blue are the range of colors for this season. With the right combination of decoration and a touch of Christmas glitter, we will create the ultimate Christmas show.

It’s all about inspiring your customers and attracting their attention. A theme that you can build with a neutral commercial collection, just by adding some fantastic prints of the ocean, some beautiful grey-blue thistle flowers, and, as always, with a selection of music that will get you even better in the right mood.



The Creators

We’re the creators: two dutch guys who started out in this business over twenty years ago. We have a passion for thinking outside the box and creating the unexpected. For us, this show is no different from the shows we have done before. It’s about the creative ability to work with materials and colors and turn them into an appealing whole to make it special and different every year.

Our unique team of people are there to help us to make a show like decoration unlimited possible, it’s the combination and strength that will produce the best end result. Below you will see how we cater to all the tools and create the look and feel step by step.




A sand dune is a mount, hill, or ridge of sand that lies behind the part of the beach affected by tides. They are formed over many years as windblown sand is trapped in beach grass or other stationary objects. Dune grasses anchor the dunes with their roots, holding them temporarily in place, while their leaves trap sand promoting dune expansion. Without vegetation, wind and waves regularly change the form and location of dunes. Dunes are not permanent structures.

Sand dunes provide sand storage and supply for adjacent beaches. They also protect inland areas from storm surges, hurricanes, floods, and wind and wave action that can cause damage. Sand dunes support an array of organisms by providing nesting habitats for coastal bird species including migratory birds. Sand dunes are also a natural habitat for coastal plants. Dunes are home to many species of plants, including rare, threatened, and endangered species.




The ocean is a continuous body of salt water that covers more than 70 percent of the earth’s surface. Ocean currents govern the world’s weather and churn a kaleidoscope of life. Humans depend on these teeming waters for comfort and survival, but global warming and overfishing threaten the earth’s largest habitat.

Geographers divide the ocean into five major basins: the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic, and Southern. Smaller ocean regions such as the Mediterranean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, and the Bay of Bengal are called seas, gulfs, and bays. Inland bodies of salt water such as the Caspian Sea and the Great Salt Lake are distinct from the world’s oceans.

The oceans hold about 321 million cubic miles (1.34 billion cubic kilometers) of water, which is roughly 97 percent of the earth’s water supply. The seawater’s weight is about 3.5 percent dissolved salt; oceans are also rich in chlorine, magnesium, and calcium. The oceans absorb the sun’s heat, transferring it to the atmosphere, and distributing it around the world. This conveyor belt of heat drives global weather patterns and helps regulate temperatures on land, acting as a heater in the winter and an air conditioner in the summer.


Dark Ocean Theme for Christmas


Stormy Sky

A storm is any disturbed state of an environment or in an astronomical body’s atmosphere, affecting its surface, in particular, It is a harbinger of severe weather and may be marked by significant disruptions to normal conditions such as strong wind, tornadoes, hail, thunder and lightning (a thunderstorm), heavy precipitation (snowstorm, rainstorm), heavy freezing rain (ice storm), strong winds (tropical cyclone, windstorm) or wind transporting material through the atmosphere such as in a dust storm, blizzard, sandstorm, etc.

Storms have the potential to harm lives and property by means of storm surges, heavy rain, or snow, causing flooding or impassable roads, lightning, wildfires, and vertical wind shear. Systems with significant rainfall and duration help alleviate drought in places they move through. Heavy snowfall can allow special recreational activities that would not be possible otherwise, such as skiing and snowmobiling.


Dark Ocean Theme for Christmas



If you are a fan of oxygen-based cleaners or like the sterilizing powers of hydrogen peroxide, then you have oxidation to thank for it. However, if you’ve ever had to deal with a rusty car or discarded browned fruit, then you have oxidation to blame for it. Oxidation may be a spontaneous process or it may be started artificially. Sometimes it is helpful, and sometimes it is very destructive.

At its most basic level, oxidation is the loss of electrons. It happens when an atom or compound loses one or more electrons. Some elements lose electrons more easily than others. These elements are said to oxidize easily. Generally speaking, metals such as sodium, magnesium, and iron oxidize easily.

Elements that are more reluctant to lose electrons do not oxidize easily; they hold onto their electrons very tightly. Non-metals such as nitrogen, oxygen, and chlorine do not oxidize easily.


Dark Ocean Theme for Christmas


Concept Design

2dezign creates everything with their own team and inspirations. Concept thinking is a must for all the work we do. You need it to focus and have a clear idea of the creation you work on. For us, a concept can be developed by a great picture that we shoot somewhere in the world, but it can also be a flower we see at a florist’s.

Gathering all this information and adding a color mood to determine the concept of a show, store, or showroom. With a clear concept, you can really focus on what you do, and not be distracted by the many ideas and impulses that you have every day.


Dark Ocean Theme for Christmas


Eryngium Maritimum

Eryngo (eryngium) is a genus of the umbelliferae family (umbelliferae or apiaceae). The botanical name eryngium comes from the ancient Greek name for eryngium vulgare. The genus comprises about 230 species and is very rich in form, leaving only a few general characteristics. The stems of the umbels are so short that the umbels are almost reduced to flower heads, which are wrapped in prickly winding leaves.

The flowers are mostly white or blue. A number of species with amethyst blue flowers are cultivated. The plants are generally thistle-like with hard, thorny leaves. Although these are partly annual herbaceous plants, some species reach a height of several meters.

The genus occurs in all temperate regions of the earth. The largest variety of species can be found in Mexico, southern Brazil, and Argentina. In many countries with coastal areas in Europe, the flower is mainly found in the dune areas.


Dark Ocean Theme for Christmas


Dark Christmas

Shorter days and longer nights, reflecting a dark blue tint in the sky. A color so beautifully blue, it reminds us of the deep Adriatic sea waters. This is the color we see when we watch the December skies complemented by the moon and stars in the distance.

For more 2dezign projects and information, please visit our new website 2dezign.nl.

Pascal Koeleman

Several years ago Pascal Koeleman a florist, entrepreneur, and product designer started his own business with fashion and styling specialist Rudi Tuinman. They built it into a flourishing company. Today 2Dezign is a team of talented professionals people with years of experience in the flower and gift markets working together with young, passionate, talented people.

Commercial vision and creative energy are the underlying motivation of our team. The 2Dezign team is backed up by a group of solid, professional partners and freelancers. Therefore, every new project gets the attention and care it deserves to become a success. An efficient way of getting the job done!

2Dezign has an extensive portfolio. They work for small companies with a small product range, and large multinational organizations. Pascal and Rudi make sure the use of marketing tools is continually being provoked to its creative boundaries, keeping it lively and interesting.

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