8 Levels of Harmony in Floral Design

One of the most important things every florist should know

written by: Dmitry Turcan | 14-10-2020

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Harmony in Floral Designs

One of the most important things that every florist needs to understand is the harmony in floral designs. There are 8 levels of harmony in total.

Below I will explain what these levels consist of.


8 Levels of Harmony in Floral Design - Dmitry Turcan on Thursd. - Featured


First Level of Harmony

The first level consists of the following four elements: leaf, flower, berry, and branch. It is very important here to make sure those four elements, like I use to call it, are ‘married’ together.



Second Level of Harmony

The 2nd level of harmony is a leaf, flower, berry, branch + the vase you put it in. An illiterately placed bouquet in a vase looks unnatural.


8 Levels of Harmony in Floral Design - Dmitry Turcan - Bouquet on wooden underground


Third Level of Harmony

Level 3 is leaf, flower, berry, branch, and vase + the surface. For example, the table on which it’s all located. This is already your interior design. You should know the style where the flowers are going to be positioned. You should know the surface. This is a deeper pitch.


Fourth Level of Harmony

Level number 4 of harmony is leaf, flower, berry, branch, vase, surface + the room or space you are in. Wrongly placed flowers in one space can look vulgar, whereas the same flowers in the same vase can look spectacular in another room.


8 Levels of Harmony in Floral Design - Dmitry Turcan - natural bouquet


Fifth Level of Harmony

Level 5 is leaf, flower, berry, branch, vase, surface, room + light. The event you decorate will be held in daylight or at night with artificial lighting? The special color of the artificial light, or maybe there will be only candles? Here it is important to understand that, for example, red color in a certain light becomes brownish maroon, with a different light it becomes blue shaded.




Sixth Level of Harmony

Level of harmony number six – all this above + smell. This is a very complicated element. It adds to your pallet of possibilities, but be careful. It is very personal. When you learn to use it correctly, it will be the highest you can reach within the floral design.

Seventh Level of Harmony

For level 7, music is added. Along with this, the mood appears. There is a concept of seasonality. For example, Vivaldi is summer, Beethoven is autumn, Mozart is spring.



Eight Level of Harmony

Level 8, the final level. When you use everything listed above, you have understood the person for whom the composition is meant and suit it to fit their personality.

I am curious, did you know about the 8 levels of harmony? Now you do!

Till next time,
Dmitry Turcan.


8 Levels of Harmony in Floral Design - Dmitry Turcan sitting

Dmitry Turcan

Dmitry Turcan is a one of the most recognisable Russian-speaking floral artists. He is the founder of the online school of floristics Turcan International Flower School.

Born into a family of florists, Dmitry from an early age began to absorb the culture of flowers and learned the basics of floristic art. His unique style began to emerge in Italy where he lived for 8 years. Western Europe taught him to create minimalistic and concise objects. The style started to evolve when he moved to Azerbaijan, chic and abundance were deeply valued in that culture. So this combination of incompatible — luxury and restraint — formed the basis of Dmitry’s style in floristry, in which he continues to improve today.

A winner of many awards including Best in Show and Gold at the 2018 Singapore Garden Festival he was the designer who created the magnificent Lady Gaga floral piano.

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