5 Favorite Fall Flowers

A love affair with colors

written by: Shabistan Khan | 13-10-2020

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If a year was tucked inside of the clock, then autumn would be the magic hour. With its charm, magic, and mystery autumn is the most beautiful time of the year.



Autumn Gives Enough Reasons to Enlighten Our Homes

The magnificent carpet of orange, red, brown fallen leaves at the parks and streets, the cool breeze, and the warmth in nature makes everything about fall sheer beauty. What I love most about the Autumn is flowers, fillers, and other natural materials available to create splendid colorful floral arrangements with lots of texture and accessories.

The autumn is all about roses, dahlias, chrysanthemums, orchids, zinnias, calla lilies, berries, corn mazes, maple leaves, pumpkins, and many more. The flower arrangements bursting in colors like orange, yellow, faded red, warm pinks, purple, gold, green, and earthy tones to create harmony and equilibrium full of emotions and memories.

The two major highlights for florist during fall is Halloween and thanksgiving. Apart from these two events autumn gives us enough reason to enlighten our homes with beautiful fall arrangements, our windows, and entrance with wrath and send it to our loved one to create memories.


Photo credit: @johnny_crows_garden


Some of my favorite flowers in autumn to work with are:


I always adore roses, and undeniably roses are the most popular flowers across the globe. The roses are available in numerous colors, sizes, shapes, and texture. Roses in the shade of red, faded red, rustic red, orange, yellow, pink, pale & dusky pink, and brown are ideal to use in autumn arrangements. Add wheat stalks, hypericum, eucalyptus, and transform the simple rose in outstanding arrangements. Roses are elegant, delicate, and timeless.


Photo 2 @Singaporeflw
Photo credit: @Singaporeflw



Dahlias are gorgeous, colorful, and have big beautiful blooms. There are tones of reason to love dahlia in a flower arrangement. They are available in various colors and varieties and are long-lasting. These vibrant blooms in reds, pinks, oranges, purples, yellows give the feel of summer. Mixed dahlia with various colors and bloom sizes with spray chrysanthemum and disbud chrysanthemum along with amaranthus and other fillers to create texture.


Photo credit: @johnny_crows_garden



Chrysanthemums are popular autumn flowers are available in various forms such as spray chrysanthemums, with many blooms in one stem, disbuds, with one bloom on a stem, and spider mums, with spike-like petals, that give an exotic look and texture to arrangements. Use orange, yellow, faded pink, and pumpkin orange or rustic orange in spray, disbud or spider mums to give arrangements extra touch of autumn. They are amazing to create wreaths too.


Photo credit: @johnny_crows_garden



If you are looking for a more sophisticated choice, I will pick orchids. Orchids are excellent flowers to work with and have a long vase life. Orchids are available in so many deep colors, like purple, blue, deep garnets, and yellow gold. They create so much depth and texture in an arrangement. And luxury.


Foliage, Fillers, and Accessories

Autumn means warm, woody, and fresh. Fillers and foliage in an arrangement help you achieve these elements. The green foliage such as eucalyptus, dusty miller, thlaspi, and ivy adds freshness to and arrangements.

Cattails, wheat stalks, and hypericum berries help you to create woody feelings. The use of fillers like eremurus, astilbe, amaranthus, and red leaf hibiscus creates warmth. During Fall one of the most amazing containers for decorations and arrangements are pumpkins. Halloween gives florists room to play with various accessories such as feathers, butterflies, or spiders. Great extras to create Halloween arrangements.


Photo credit: @attila_nemeth_florist


Fall Is a Beautiful Season

Flowers and colors have an impact on our moods and our attitude. It is most important in today’s world to create a splendor atmosphere with beautiful fall flowers and to have a positive outlook. Fall is a beautiful season and a great time to create and celebrate life and all its colors.

Shabistan Khan

I started my career as Equity Research Analyst after finishing my MBA but soon after discover my passion for flowers and entered in the floriculture industry. I worked at various levels in floriculture starting with my flower online shop where I oversaw Marketing, Sales, and designing concepts of the flower bouquets for various occasions and flower decoration for events and weddings. After that, I worked with one of the largest exporters of the Roses from India. Currently, I am working with Black Tulip Flowers one of the largest exporters of fresh-cut flowers from Kenya. I occasionally writes about floriculture on My blog flowerandeverything.com and other flower portals.

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