2021 Resolutions and New Year’s Goals – Blog by Monika Olah

“Yet another adventurous year awaits us, florists, to spread beauty and inspiration.”

written by: Monika Olah | 13-01-2021

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Since I’m new on Thursd, I thought this will be a proper introduction of me and my vision as a florist, from a tiny town in Transylvania, Romania, where the air is clean as ice and authenticity still beats spontaneously, without any compliance constraint.


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Over my entrepreneur years of 15 years in floristry, I developed myself a ‘whole year round guide’ to keep the shop on track and to not lose sight of the best balance ever – family and business.

Though my florist life was all rocked with the arrival of my twins (4,5 years ago) and a bonus baby after a little difference (of 3 years), it didn’t limit me in anything but only confirmed that I was born to do this.


Prosperity After A Year Of Disaster

I had a similar – but for the first time a very precise – logistical and material year plan that was supposed to lift us out of some deficit due to my absence. It turned upside-down almost overnight and had to be reset and applied in order to subsist; it vegetated 3 months in the summer, reloaded, and started again from scratch.. and by the end of the year we had a really strong close-up;

“Wouldn’t life be too easy if things turned out exactly the way we wanted and were planned out? In the era of comfort and attainability, our world managed to shock everyone.. and we woke up in our cushy comfort zones.”



I so love, having these awful long lists (they keep me focused) with all kinds of non-work-related goals (as well as ones like a true workaholic does). Since we all pretty much know what we want from our companies after a year of disaster: prosperity – of any kind.

So, don’t be shy în your prayers, ask for guidance, abundance, or clarity in your work, în creativity.

Because, after a year of financial idleness, we all crave our commissions from any kind of social activity. Of course, most of us already have a totally reorganized business strategy, and HOPE is in the air, but without the events, flower shops are barely surviving and yet another adventurous year awaits us, florists, to become even susceptible to spread beauty and inspiration.


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My Non-Work-Related Goals For 2021

1. Eliminate 90% of plastic from our lives;
2. Switch consumables to ones my granny did fine with;
3. Up-cycle our overplus clothes;
4. Meditate/pray 15 min/day;
5. Get involved în a children’s home în some capacity;
6. Get stronger, fitter and healthier – more awareness în this topic: food – eat even less commercially produced food, and more local grown based plants;
7. Restart my yoga journey and kick-ass în it 😉
8. Read one good book/month;
9. Continue to harvest my own season flowers – baby steps;
10. Stay in the now.


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My Work-Related Goals For 2021

1. Plant care and design for home office – provide more information to costumers about their potential;
2. Expand our range of home decoration items designed and crafted by Szalmaszal;
3. More dried plant arrangments – after-life of flower shop flowers, reuse, recycle, dry;
4. Re-tune our ‘classic wedding’ concept to a ‘secret garden’ size;
5. Workshops with a targeting range: individuals and children;
6. Marketing policy – attract them by the way you live – a more personal connection with customers;
7. Inspire yourself (learn) and others, and pass it on;
8. Continue to plant/test/harvest new varieties of local plants and greenery for the flower shop;
9. Deepen my herbal knowledge – herbology;
10. And as always, do more technical works.


2021 Resolutions and New Year’s Goals - Blog by Monika Olah - peonies and lilacs


Will/can/could/should beauty save the world?


All your love,

Monika Olah

Monika Olah has been working as an entrepreneur in floristry for over 15 years. With her own shop in Romania, she focuses on wedding designs, custom arrangements, and home decor services.

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