Eryngium Magnetar Questar – such a beauty!

The blue Eryngium Magnetar is used in a unique design

written by: Alina Neacsa | 27-11-2019

Alina Neacsa for Marginpar - Author on Thursd. - Featured
Not like anyone

Some time ago I came to the conclusion that I am really not like everyone else…and that’s a good thing! Why should I be like everyone? You see, all the good things that happened to me in my life so far where because I do not do like everyone else. I do my own thing. I can proudly say: ‘I don’t follow trends, I create trends!’


Alina with Eryngium Magnetar from Marginpar - Alina Neacsa - on Thursd

I don’t google!

When I have a design to make, I don’t google other people ideas to see what they do with a certain flower or project. I don’t go and see what everyone is doing with the same flower. No. I sit and try to imagine my own version, of my own design, my display. Mine. Not like everyone else’s!
And then I take a piece of paper and a pen and I make a sketch. Easy, right?

The Wow! effect

I don’t just go for normal, or for good. I go for WOW! Let’s ‘WOW!’ you now with the most unconventional commercial flower display I recently made for a magazine that asked me to create a table for 2 in a very old building. I could have picked almost every flower but I chose only one, a statement flower: Eryngium Magnetar Questar®! This one comes from Marginpar Kenya.


Eryngium Magnetar

You know, the Eryngium Magnetar Questar®  is such a beautiful flower, with a beautiful color and a really long lasting one too. My design idea was to make a ‘raw’ design in an old building. In that old building there was a natural beautiful ivy that perfectly fitted my design.


The concept

The building was a very old one, shady, with raw, obscure concrete. It was dark. The Flowers I used were 150 stems of Eryngium Magnetar Questar®. My concept for the design was to make something that looks like it belongs there. Kind of naturally. I think it’s important to use some fragrance, for that purpose I used some scented white roses. Also to have some contrast. The final touch: to incorporate an old gold chandelier to go against the cold, gloomy environment. Hot versus cold.


The result

The result became a piece of nature in an old and forgotten place. This place came alive with the floral design I created. I was really happy with it. Also because we can keep the design for a long time looking fresh, and even longer, because the Eryngium Magnetar Questar® still looks nice, even if it’s dried.

Still good until X-mas

Yeah, I can even spray it in gold or silver for X-mas! That’s an idea I would also like to share with you: make a design with Eryngium in front of your shop now and spray it gold for Christmas I a few weeks, add some others seasonal decors and: VOILA! You will have something beautiful, different, modern (and long lasting).

Although it is almost winter, a warm hug from Romania!

xxx- Alina

Alina Neacsa

Passionate Romanian flower designer
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