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In the late nineties Zekveld sr. died and André Zekveld took over the business at a young age. Nowadays André and his wife Inge are dreaming about the opportunity to grow organic roses. Although they already spray a minimal amount of pesticides, and the score the 100 points for the MPS mark easily, they are aiming for 100% organically grown roses.

André and Inge Zekveld have decided (partly due to the low price on the clock for the roses), to change a part of the nursery: “We continue to grow roses, but have some space at the nursery made ready and suitable for growing organic vegetables. We grow tasty vegetables without using chemical pesticides. If this catches on, we will consider in the next few years to move from roses to unsprayed vegetables.” They have created a separate company for that; Oogst Oost, which translates to ‘Harvest East’, because they are located in the east part of Aalsmeer.

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Oost Oogst, Aalsmeerderweg, Aalsmeer, Netherlands


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