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WBM Pioenen is a horticultural business situated in the Dutch Noordoostpolder. The greenhouses cover an area of over 21,000 m2, where four species of peony are bred for cut flowers
In their greenhouse they grow the varieties Gardenia (3,500 m2), the pale pink Monsieur Jules Elie (3,800 m2), white fragrant Duchesse de Nemours (3,800 m2), and the pink and extreemely double-flowered Sarah Bernhard (10,500 m2).

Because WBM Pioenen pays so much attention to keeping the greenhouse weed-free, they do not need to use chemicals to control weeds. This ensures better growth and allows them to keep the plants healthy for longer. The greenhouse has a double water supply, so they can water the crops from above and from underneath. WBM Pioenen controls the greenhouse climate with a modern climate computer that regulates not only the windows but also the sunscreen. The stable climate facilitates the healthy growth of the peonies at the quality they want. In the growing period, the screen can also insulate the plants on cold nights or protect them from the sharp rays of the sun.
In short, WBM Pioenen makes every effort to create the best conditions for growing good, healthy peonies. Ultimately, their goal is to give the consumer a beautiful bunch of peonies and to share their passion for the peony.

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