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Wans Roses is a horticulture company that is specialized in the production of cut roses in the premium segment under glass. Currently, their portfolio consists of 26 different rose varieties, all of which are characterized by particularly good quality and durability.

The production of the cut roses takes place in Germany at the Niederrhein region in a modern greenhouse plant of 42,500m². During the approx. 5-year-old cultivation period, the rose plants grow in special coconut substrate on culture channels, which facilitates harvesting work. The roses are sold at the German flower auction Veiling Rhein-Maas in Herongen as well as the Dutch auctions of Royal FloraHolland in Naaldwijk and Rijnsburg. Every day thousands of our high-quality cut roses are auctioned here. The production volume of Wans Roses is approximately 5.6 million roses per year and is distributed at these auctions by flower wholesalers and exporting companies throughout Europe to florist shops.

The Wans Roses team consists of the owner and gardener master Christian Wans and his wife Melanie Wans, a prospective gardener master, a gardener, as well as a well-trained team, which during the main season from March to the end of October consists of about 20 additional employees. During the shorter low season from November until the end of February, they manage the farm with a reduced team of 6 additional employees. They are happy to say that in the main as well as the low season, they mainly employ employees with many years of experience. The professional knowledge that their employees gained over the years is one of the reasons for the excellent quality of the Wans roses.

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