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W.F. Leenen en Zn.

About W.F. Leenen en Zn.

W.F. Leenen en Zn. is a member of Decorum. Like all other members, this grower is carefully selected with one aim: to grow bulbs and flowers of the highest quality under the brand name of Decorum.

The brothers Jaco and Dirk Leenen are the third generation to run the family concern W.F. Leenen en Zn. The company from Voorhout has been cultivating narcissi since 1954. Grandfather Leenen bred varieties back then that Jaco and Dirk are now profiting from.

The breeding of a new variety takes an incredible 30 years(!) before it can be introduced on the market. The company has unique varieties of narcissi, which are exclusively grown by them. For example, there are double-bloomed and spray narcissi and other special varieties.

During the season (from October to the end of April) the brothers supply a broad package of 20 varieties of available narcissi. Only the very best reproduction material is used to grow the narcissi. The forcing of narcissi takes place on shells, ensuring clean cultivation so the narcissi remain free of dirt and disease. This drive towards innovation is a focus of attention and has led to the brothers cultivating Sonatinis, a small-bloomed type of amaryllis. It’s a special product that is not well known on the market, but is certainly worth discovering! Jaco and Dirk exclusively grow 11 varieties of Sonatinis in the Netherlands.

The unique selling points of W.F. Leenen are:
• A long season is made possible by using fields outside Europe
• Daily availability of the best quality
• A broad assortment and exclusive varieties
• Provide cut flower food with every bucket that leaves the company

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Loosterweg 51F, 2215 TM Voorhout, Nederland


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