VOF J.A. van der Burg

VOF J.A. van der Burg

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VOF J.A. van der Burg

About VOF J.A. van der Burg

Nursery VOF J.A. van der Burg has been cultivating flowers since 1986. In the beginning, the cultivation area was relatively small. Roses were planted in the ground without assimilation lighting.

After a couple of years, the roses were planted in mineral wool and the first lights appeared. In 2005 the cultivation area was extended: 2 hectares. The old part was demolished and new parts were built. The company produces energy itself by means of CHP (combined heat and power). Electricity is also purchased and sold.

Throughout the years, several rose cultivars have passed in reviews, such as Cocktail, Pareo, Madelon, Grand Gala, and Grand Prix. From 2005 they cultivate the white large-flowered Avalanche+. Each day they try to offer a high-quality product on auction FloraHolland in Rijnsburg and Aalsmeer.

In May 2020 the production of Avalanche stopped. Their new focus is on garden and terrace plants.

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Noordeindseweg 426, 2651 LP Berkel en Rodenrijs, Nederland


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