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Exclusiveness, quality, and distinctive product are highly valued by John and Bianca. It was a logical step to the exclusive calla flower. Since 2002, John and Bianca have specialized in the cultivation of callas. Since then they have become a household name in the calla world. The company works with two crops during the year: a spring and a fall crop.

Flexibility is the strength of VisCalla, allowing a lot of client customization. During the entire season, VisCalla offers a wide assortment of callas. In the spring, besides their fixed range, they offer additional species in spring colors. In the fall, their assortment is supplemented with fall colors. In addition, they select the most beautiful callas for their exclusive line in the highest segment: More than Calla.

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H.W. Heinsiusweg 11, 1331 EH Almere, Nederland


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