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Together2Grow is a member of Decorum. Like all other members, this grower is carefully selected with one aim: to grow flowers of the highest quality under the brand name of Decorum.

Year-round we grow the unique alstroemeria, our favorite flower! We offer a broad assortment of high-quality alstroemeria and florinca (spray alstroemeria) cultivars. We have a close relationship with a variety of breeders which results in introductions of new varieties on a regular basis, some of which can be offered exclusively. By working with an advanced cultivation process, we can offer a constant quality year-round. The alstroemeria is not only a beautiful flower, but she also has a long shelf life. Our wide range of varieties ensures that we can offer a broad spectrum of customers, something for everybody!

Ten years ago Together2Grow evolved out of two companies; BZ Alstroemeria and Van Veen Alstroemeria. Owners Bernard Zuidgeest and Fedor van Veen were full of ambition and thought that together they would achieve more than by themselves. A lot was to be optimized with regards to cultivation and commerce in a sector were developments evolve rapidly. In 2016 the two companies merged and the birth of Together2Grow was a fact.

We grow at three locations, in Schipluiden, Poeldijk, and Kwintsheul. Our total cultivation area has grown through the years to 8.8 hectares altogether. Annually we grow around 33 million stems which we sell to retailers, wholesalers, and florists worldwide. We go all out to deliver the finest quality of alstroemeria and florinca year-round.

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Together2Grow Alstroemeria Poeldijk, De Poel, Poeldijk, Nederland


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