Teun Valstar Shadowplant

Teun Valstar Shadowplant

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Teun Valstar Shadowplant

About Teun Valstar Shadowplant

Teun Valstar Shadowplant is a nursery in tropical houseplants, the calathea.

Calathea originates from South-America and is a very decorative plant that keeps well. The plant is characterized by the colored and sharp markings in the leaves. Their range presently consists of 12 different types, which they grow the whole year and are available in a 19-cm pot size with a total plant height varying between 75 and 90 cm.

The aim of their company is to place a high-quality product on the market and anticipate the wishes of the buyers. Their specialty is the round-leafed varieties such as the Calathea Angela, calathea Medallion, calathea Cora, calathea Silvia, calathea Orbifolia, calathea Rosea Picta, and calathea Dottie.

Teun Valstar Shadowplant is a member of Air So Pure®. This is a group of growers with plants that have scientifically proven beneficial health effects. The presence of these air-purifying plants creates a healthier and more pleasant living and working environment.

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Potplantenkwekerij Teun Valstar B.V., Gantellaan 1, 2675 SJ Honselersdijk, Nederland


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