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The ornamental plant company Steef Meewisse Roses BV has been cultivating cut flowers for 15 years in Bleiswijk. We cultivate 15,000 meters of asclepias Beatrix. This extremely elegant, large-flowered, pure orange asclepias is a cultivar that fits perfectly within the company. The knowledge gained through extensive experience with lighting can be applied to the asclepias Beatrix.

Although Meewisse is the first grower to cultivate this product under these conditions, it is a well-known fact that this flower loves warmth and light. The asclepias Beatrix is therefore grown under a lot of light, in order to obtain excellent quality all year round. Now we are the only grower in the world who cultivates the Beatrix!

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Steef Meewisse, Lelieweg 5, 2665ML Bleiswijk, Nederland


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