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Sam van Schooten

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Sam van Schooten grew up between the flowers and plants.  In his words, he was ‘infected’ with it! His father had a flower nursery and as a little boy Sam walked along. En he thought it was great! Sam started in his late teens in a barn of his father and with his bedroom which served as an office. With little resources and a lot of manual work! Sam was growing and packing everything and delivering it himself. Sam van Schooten’s company started to grow.  In 2002, Sam moved to a new nursery at the Torenlaan in Voorhout, The Netherlands. Close to the famous spring park ‘De keukenhof’ where each year millions of flowering tulips are on display. With a team of 20 employees nowadays, Sam manages a modern company. It specializes in growing and packaging plants and flower bulbs to deliver to traders and florists worldwide.

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