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Wabara is a farm that produces and cultivates 60 types of original “Wabara” roses in the Japanese Shiga Prefecture. These are roses that feature soft petals, graceful, elegant stems and leaves, and flowers with gentle neutral tints. Their delicate appearance belies unimaginable sturdiness. Grown in an environment that is as natural as possible, like flowers that bloom in the wild, regardless of the location, and the flower species with which they cohabit, they cause no disharmony.

As plants with a place in an ecosystem, they coexist with the surrounding life and dedicate themselves to their next lives.

This very process lies at the root of the brand known as Wabara and is the creation of Keiji Kunieda. Based on this concept of nurturing natural beauty, the roses at Rose Farm Keiji are produced without applying excessive manipulation.

In order to realize the wish of Keiji Kunieda, the creator of the Japanese rose that “I want flowers all over the world to line up the flowers I made”, we
are currently a production partner in Kenya, Colombia, United States, United Kingdom, Mexico. We also have a business of shipping from each country to the world.

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Sugie, 1 Chome-9-9 Central, Otsu, Shiga, Japan


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