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Richplant is a member of Decorum. Like all other members, this grower is carefully selected with one aim: to grow plants of the highest quality under the brand name of Decorum.

The owners of Richplant are Richard and Ellen Scheffers. Our company is located on the Grote Achterweg in Naaldwijk since 1998. Together with an experienced and enthusiastic team of employees, they strive to be a customer-friendly business and to deliver high-quality plants.

Richplant has had experience growing wonderfully scented Gardenias since 1987. Over the years, Richard and his team specialized in more and more different plants. but, the main activity is still growing the Gardenia Jasminodes. The bud size of the Gardenias is above the norm, which means that over 80% of the buds will open.

Richplant also grows several exclusive seasonal products, namely Crossandra Fortuna, Clerodendrum Prospero, Jatropha Podagrica and Multifida, Plumeria Hawaiian, Curcuma, Starcluster, Aphelandra Squarrosa Dania and Botanica. Most of these plants are exclusively available at Richplant! The company has developed its own varieties of Crossandra and Clerodendrum that have a stronger and longer shelf life than other varieties. Richplant also offers various specials. Check the Richplant website to view all products.

Richplant is modern and flexible, this is why they are capable to deliver blooming gardenias through the year and to ensure a wide range of high-quality blooming plants. They are always busy developing products and want to offer a surprising range of blooming plants. The goal is to offer the florist a wider range of plants and to surprise the consumer and make them happy with less popular blooming plants.

Of course, Richplant operates in a socially responsible way. This is why they are certified for MPS-GAP, MPS Socially Qualified, MPS Quality en GRASP

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Richplant B.V., Grote Achterweg 6-A, 2671 LR Naaldwijk, Nederland


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