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Raadschelders Varens

About Raadschelders Varens

Raadschelders Ferns specializes in the cultivation of different types of ferns. Their company is located in the central Netherlands. Production is divided between 2 Locations, headquarters in Uithoorn and the second branch in Zevenhoven. The total area of ​​the two companies covers 55,000 m2.

Their range is marketed to the professional trade as exporters, cash & carry’s, and garden centers. They are located near the auction of Aalsmeer and can deliver fast and customizable.

Raadschelders’ goal is to foster excellence in a way that even for the environment is minimal overloading. Through there years of experience, they can cultivate in a sustainable way. Partly because of heat storage. We also meet the stringent standards of MPS.

Raadschelders Varens is a member of Air So Pure®. This is a group of growers with plants that have scientifically proven beneficial health effects. The presence of these air-purifying plants creates a healthier and more pleasant living and working environment.

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Raadschelders Varens, Achterweg 34, 1424 PR De Kwakel, Nederland


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