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Pulcher Orchids

About Pulcher Orchids

Pulcher is a specialist in producing large-flowered branches of phalaenopsis orchids.

Pulcher means “Beautiful” in Latin. That is what they stand for. Growing a beautiful, quality product. Pulcher Orchids is a modern cut orchid nursery specializing in the production of large-flowered phalaenopsis branches, located in Dongen, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands.

In the 1.6 hectare greenhouses, the plants grow for a number of years under the most ideal conditions. A tropical climate is simulated. At the moment there are approximately 15 different varieties in the nursery, the largest percentage of which is white.

The length of the orchid branch is determined by the length of the days. This is a natural phenomenon. By using assimilation lighting, they can also realize long branches of high quality in winter. Pulcher Orchids grows several million cut Phalaenopsis flowers every year and sells them to wholesalers, exporters, and retailers who ensure that their flowers are bought worldwide.

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Fazantenweg 27, 5106 RC, Dongen


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