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Kwekerij Pieter Kolk

About Kwekerij Pieter Kolk

Kwekerij Pieter Kolk is a company engaged in the cultivation of cut hydrangea. This relatively “new” cultivation offers a whole range of challenges, hence our motto; “The chameleon hydrangea is our challenge”

In order to be able to respond quickly to a change in the choice of assortment, a container field has also been realized where up to 30,000 new plants are grown annually. In this way, it is possible to always grow a young, growing crop with a range that is and remains marketable.

To grow socially responsible, we introduce preventive biological control and only intervene with corrective measures where necessary. Kwekerij Pieter Kolk is MPS-A certified.

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Noordpolderweg 3, 1432 JH Aalsmeer, Netherlands


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