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My Peony Society

My Peony Society

My Peony Society

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Designed by Nature, Perfected by…

My Peony Society

The bloom of the peony is an incredible spectacle, one everyone should get to enjoy. To make this happen My Peony Society brings together expert growers, traders, and florists to craft the perfect peony. My Peony Society ensures the quickest route to a vase near you, complete with ‘full bloom guarantee’.

The Best Peony Growers

My Peony Society brings together the best peony growers all over the world. Together we are uniquely positioned to expand the market, find new audiences, and spread our enthusiasm for peonies and everything that makes them so special. Meet the perfectionists behind the perfect peony!

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My Peony Society, Cotoneaster, De Kwakel, Nederland


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