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Middenweg Flowers

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At Middenweg Flowers, we believe that quality means constant attention to detail. The quality of our irises, our production process, and our people. We believe that quality dictates the highest standards in production. This makes our flowers ‘irisistable’.

Middenweg Flowers is an MPS-certified grower specialized in growing beautiful irises. Year-round they grow 4 to 5 million different cultivars of irises.

Amongst these varieties are the beautiful regular varieties, such as Blue Magic and Casablanca. But Middenweg also produces a lot of eye-catching exclusive varieties, such as Scarlett, Céladon, and Sapphire.

All of the irises are pre-treated for a longer vase-life.

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Middenweg Flowers, Arckelweg 7, 2685 SL Poeldijk, Nederland


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