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Luisiana Farms was founded 25 Years ago, with a group of people that dreamed of conquering fresh cut flower markets around the world. Today the farm has 23 acres of beautiful carnations, located in Nemocon in the Northern part of Bogotá. We have around 80 varieties of carnations, distributed in a single place, where we guarantee the sowing, cutting, and flower delivery with the best service and quality possible. Our highly qualified staff with their experience do their best to produce an excellent quality product, responding quickly to customer needs.

For over 25 years, Luisiana Farms has been setting high standards for the flower industry in Colombia, where our customers see us as their partners, and the commitment of our employees to grow the finest quality carnations allow us to sell over more than 25 countries in Europe, North America, and Asia. We believe in our business, the growth of our employees, and caring for our environment using methods that are socially and environmentally responsible; ingredients that strengthen together, achieving what Luisiana Farms is today.

We are a farm that produces excellent quality carnations, committed to customer satisfaction, the welfare of our shareholders and employees, the growth of our community, and care for the environment.

We will be a highly productive company, we will be considered the best alternative carnation farm to our customers. We are a committed group of motivated people, innovative and believes in teamwork, who will use our talents and knowledge to contribute to the development of sowing, cutting the flower, and packing the best quality carnations for our customers.

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LUISIANA FARMS S.A.S, Zipaquirá-Ubaté, Cogua, Cundinamarca, Colombia


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