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Los Aromas

About Los Aromas

Los Aromas is a Colombian calla lily and hydrangea producing company. We have been in the market for more than 15 years and we sell our product over 25 countries around the world.​ Our flowers are grown on our two farms located in La Union Antioquia, both farms sum approximately 180,000 m2, and one of the farms is certified with the international Rainforest Alliance stamp.

Our distribution center located in La Ceja Antioquia gathers all of the flowers from our two farms and packs it under the highest quality standards and technologies available.

Los Aromas works in alliance with Dutch Organizations, searching every day for the improvement of the processes. Furthermore, we actively participate in international flower shows where we have obtained several “first winning awards” with our wonderful flowers.

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Aromas Farms, Calle 20, La Ceja, Antioquia, Colombia


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