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The Longest Greenhouse

We have been producing cut chrysanthemums of excellent quality at Lewis Flowers since 2002. Since 2009, we have been doing this in the longest chrysanthemum greenhouse in the Netherlands. Along a path of no less than 500 meters, we grow the most beautiful spray and disbud chrysanthemums on two sides all year round.

Our strength lies in our size. With almost 8 hectares, we are one of the largest chrysanthemum growers in the Netherlands. By realizing two separate cultivation rounds, we can produce large numbers, offer a wide range, and guarantee quality at all times.

We are always working on the future and think innovation is important. More and more steps in our production process are being automated. This allows us to maintain and improve quality and uniformity.

Diverse Assortment

With a constant supply and diverse assortment, we offer not only beautiful flowers but also reliability. We continue to innovate and automate so that the quality of our flowers remains stable and improves. We strive to auction all our varieties daily through Flora Holland Aalsmeer and Naaldwijk. A selection is available in Rijnsburg and Rhein-Maas (Germany).

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