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About Laurant Fleur

Laurant Fleur is a modern flower nursery in Ammerzoden. It was established in 1971. Since 1998, the nursery is led by Laurens van den Oord.

The modern nursery has a total area of almost 6 ha, of which 50,000 m2 year round chrysanthemums and cut kalanchoe. The company also has a 9,000 m2 greenhouse that can be used to make peaks in our products. This allows Laurant to provide our customers with cut flowers on holidays, which they can offer as one of the few growers to their customers.

Laurant Fleur grows their chrysanthemums on heavy clay soils, which enables them to produce a flower with a stronger vase life and they are more transportable. 

Because of their location outside a horticultural area, Laurant Fleur is able to score high with MPS, and they are MPS-Gap certified.

Besides chrysanthemums the nursery also grows cut kalanchoe, whic is unique in Europe. Laurant Fleud does this together with a Danish company under the name Queen Holland.

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