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Kwekerij Wouters

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This is Kwekerij Wouters

With more than 44 hectares of greenhouses, Kwekerij Wouters is an important player in the market for annual seasonal plants. A complete range, with large volumes; that’s what we specialize in. Our internal processes and cultivation technology are fully geared to this. Delivering consistent quality and sustainable production are preconditions for the design of our greenhouses.

Sustainable Relationships

We offer products at an excellent price, but not at any price. We take into account the needs of current and future generations and operate in a way that is economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable. We do not do this alone. By continuing to talk to each other about specific wishes and optimization, we build sustainable relationships and an economically healthy working climate, but above all a top product!

Kwekerij Wouters was not built in one day.

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Kwekerij Wouters B.V., Enserweg 3A, 8307 PJ Ens, Nederland


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