Kikwetu Flowers Ltd.

Kikwetu Flowers Ltd.

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Kikwetu Flowers Ltd.

About Kikwetu Flowers Ltd.

About Kikwetu Flowers

Kikwetu is a Swahili word that means “our culture, our style”. The Kikwetu Flowers farm is located right in the center of a small rural community at the “kwa Ng’ang’a township” near Timau in Meru County. The entire community is involved in the farm in one way or another and a culture of working together with people from other far-off communities is slowly developing making Kikwetu a unique blend of cultures. Right from the beginning, we understood the special needs of the community and moved in to partner with the locals to improve the shared access road making it an all-weather road and to provide free clean drinking water to the community.

Production of Premium Quality Roses

The farm stands high at 2,400m above sea level making it ideal for the production of premium quality roses. It is a beautiful and efficiently run Rose farm with a spectacular view of Mt Kenya. Kikwetu Flowers has been under establishment since July 2019. Currently, the farm has 5 hectares under production growing the Ever Red, a T-hybrid red variety, Athena, a medium white, and Revival a medium pink variety. We plan to introduce a few other varieties in due course, as the farm is continuously growing, which will include yellow, orange, and bi-color roses. In choosing the varieties, we have considered both the market demands and our microclimate.

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