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We harvest in paradise. Jaroma Roses is a company of 32 hectares strategically located north of Bogotá. We cultivate world-class varieties of roses in a favorable climate of excellent luminosity, in a clean environment, growing a top-quality rose where more than 450 friendly working Colombians labor. For us, people are the key factor in our growth and success.

We grow more than 40 unique varieties in more than 10 different colors, available all year long. The quality, consistency, and duration in the vase are the most important factors in every rose. Jaroma Roses grows excellent quality roses, taking care of each detail in order to satisfy the demanding international markets, delivering fresh flowers to the final customer.

Our site uses a minimum amount of chemical products to protect our environment. We constantly work to substitute chemicals for natural products to maintain soil vitality, underground water purity, and the health of our employees.

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Jaroma Roses, Gachancipá, Cundinamarca, Colombia


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