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Imanse Quality Lilies

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Imanse Quality Lilies

About Imanse Quality Lilies

Imanse Quality Lilies is an oriental lily nursery that produces all year round lilies of the best quality.

Dutch Lilies has a partnership with Imanse Quality Lilies and Vision Of Lilies. Together they have six gardens. All three companies specialize in producing flowers. Only Dutch lilies also develop the bulbs as well. These bulbs are strictly selected for high quality. The bulbs are grown in France, Chile, and the Netherlands.

Because of the changes in the season in these countries, the companies can produce the same high-quality lilies all year round. Because the bulbs are produced by their own company, the companies can grow their own varieties, such as El Capitan and the Apricot Fudge

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Gansoord 30, Lisserbroek, Netherlands


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