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Haas Calla & Helleborus

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Haas Calla & Helleborus

About Haas Calla & Helleborus

Unusual and Appealing

Haas Calla & Helleborus specializes in the cultivation of unusual and appealing cut flowers. Flowers that make a statement in creations. With which you can make a difference in bouquets and arrangements.

Our flowers receive the attention they deserve at our nurseries in the Netherlands and Spain. We create ideal conditions for calm, even growth. Respecting the properties of the product and surrounding nature. So that they do what is expected of them on delivery; they will shine in their beauty.

Calla and Helleborus

Calla and Helleborus are our main crops. We also grow various specialties all year round, such as Dahlias, Dianthus, and Antirrhinum. With these crops too, we aim for the highest possible quality with the florist, and ultimately the consumer.

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Laan van Poot 6, 2676 LG De Lier, Nederland


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