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Welcome to Geoflora SAS, Colombian growers, and exporters of carnations, spray carnations, ranunculus, and anemone. Our facilities are located in Bojaca (Cundinamarca) in the Savannah de Bogotá, 45km (28 miles) away from Bogota downtown. We have 28 hectares (70 acres).

In December 2012 the company SB Talee de Colombia SA went through a split-up process of its three business units. As a result of such a process, the business related to the production and export of cut flowers leads to the foundation of Geoflora SAS.

This separation process has allowed GEOFLORA SAS to fully concentrate on its goal of producing and exporting the best varieties of flowers to the most competitive markets in the world such as USA, Japan, the Netherlands, Canada, England, Germany, and Spain among others, preserving the privilege of having a close relationship with SB Talee de Colombia SA and therefore being at the forefront in introducing new varieties and products within its business portfolio.​

Growing our flowers to one single crop guarantees our customers not only the best assortment of colors on demand for each season but also an excellent product quality as a result of healthy and vigorous plants permanently renewed on the field. Our facilities are located in Bojaca (Cundinamarca) in the Sabana de Bogotá, 45km (28 miles) away from Bogotá downtown. We have 26 hectares (64 acres) distributed between carnation and spray carnation.

Permanent testing of quality, productivity, resistance to pests and diseases, the durability of cut flowers, travel behavior, and acceptance in the different markets around the world, allow GEOFLORA SAS to guarantee its customers a high-quality standards’ product.

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