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Gartenbau Franz Heyer

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Gartenbau Franz Heyer

About Gartenbau Franz Heyer

Gartenbau Franz Heyer is a family business and produces cut roses in the greenhouse and in the foil house. They specialize in the production of spray and normal cut roses in the Lower Rhine area. Franz Heyer lives in the midst of extensive rose fields, which he cultivates with the support of his entire family and a few harvest workers.

The range of the Franz Heyer company consists of around 15 different types of free-range roses. These are noble spray roses, with several flowers on a stem, as well as classic outdoor roses. These include well-known varieties such as Piano, Eden, and Nostalgie. But he also has very old outdoor rose varieties such as the Gloria Dei on offer. The nostalgic roses are currently very popular because of their beautiful flower shape.

The master gardener emphasizes the special character of the roses: “The flowers stand in the fields in wind and weather and thus have an individual appearance. This is how you can recognize the real natural product.” Heyer particularly appreciates the natural growth of the plants and their special scent: “With an outdoor rose, you can bring a piece of summer and nature into your home.”

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