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Established in 2000, Galleria Farms is a leading grower, importer, and distributor of premium hydrangea cut flowers. At Galleria Farms we take pride in everything we do, from seed selection, strict grading to innovative packaging. Our entire team, over 1,000 employees, is committed to ensuring consistency and excellent quality in servicing all segments of the floral industry: major supermarkets, mass-market retailers, bouquet manufactures, and wholesale florists.

With more than 20 hectares planted of hydrangeas in Medellin, Colombia, Galleria Farms is one of the world’s largest hydrangea growers. Controlling the plants life-cycle from the very first moment of seed selection to the day it is cut, has allowed us to have the quality that surpasses our customer’s expectations­­­­­. After being cut, our specialized team in the post-harvest make sure our products meet our vigorous standards from, bloom symmetry, bloom size, foliage, and even the straightness of the stem. All of this is done to make sure that our renowned Galleria Farms packaging is creating emotions.

At Galleria Farms we pride ourselves as being one of the industry’s leading innovators, always looking for new varieties and trends, that’s why we are able to offer over 20 different natural varieties, while our unparalleled painting facility continues to be the paradigm of the industry.

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