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Fontana Flowers Ltd.

About Fontana Flowers Ltd.

Growers Group

Fontana Farms is a group concentrated on growing the highest quality roses. The group consists of four farms in the Nakuru and Nanyuki County region of Kenya. With a total growth of 80 varieties from various breeders around the world, Fontana concentrates on quality and new technical expertise in the field.

Collectively, Fontana has 140 hectares under greenhouse ranging from 2,300 meters to 2,600 meters above sea level. Each farm has its own unique climatic conditions allowing Fontana to have flowers from normal intermediates to very large T-hybrid roses, with its own unique colors.

The Fontana Story

Fontana Farms ventured into the floriculture sector in 2004 to grow and export quality roses to primarily service the Global rose markets and has been a key player in the development of the floriculture industry in Kenya. The company currently consists of four farms within the Rift Valley region of Kenya, starting out with a mere 6 hectares in 2004, and now standing at over 140 hectares with a vast number of varieties of roses.

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