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Flores Silvestres

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Flores Silvestres

About Flores Silvestres

Flores Silvestres was established in 1988 and has been fully dedicated in the process of growing, marketing, and shipping of fresh-cut flowers like chrysanthemums, gerberas, snapdragon, matsumoto, and more. We also offer a bouquet operation and tinted program.

We identify the needs of our customers and completely fulfill their expectations. We encourage teamwork with constant innovation in technology and supported by continuous training for our employees. Our work is reflected in the well-being of the people working in the company, in the development of the community, the environment, and investors, always within the purest ethical concepts.

Along this century, Silvestres pursues to be a leader in the region and focuses on facilitating the integral development based on:
• Customer satisfaction.
• Welfare of human talent.
• Social projection in its environment.
• Financial balance in its operations.

Flores Silvestres is committed to filling the needs of our clients, always improving on personnel, environmental and finantial areas. This is ensured by meeting quality standards established along the process.

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Flores Silvestres S.A., Carmen de Viboral, Antioquia, Colombia


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