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The shortest route to premium roses from Ecuador. Farm Direct is a cooperative partner for buyers and suppliers of South American flowers. Since 2012, Farm Direct has been looking for the shortest route from producer to consumer for all parties, small and large.

Farm Direct ensures that the flowers you are looking for come directly to you from the grower. The shortest possible chain, at the best possible price. And with as little effort as possible.

Farm Direct works with a select group of rose nurseries from Ecuador. Farm Direct is the logistics partner between you and these nurseries. No more hassle with purchasing, export, import, and delivery: they will arrange that for you. Enjoy the excellent quality and fast delivery and leave the rest to them. No more worries about time differences, contact with cargo agencies, customs, foreign billing, administration, and possible risks.

The role of Farm Direct goes further than just connecting. They ensure that you do not take any risks when you order flowers from South America. Farm Direct is rightly an extension of your purchasing channel.

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