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Borst Bloembollen

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Borst Bloembollen

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Borst Bloembollen is a member of Decorum. Like all other members, this grower is carefully selected with one aim: to grow flowers of the highest quality under the brand name of Decorum.

Borst Bloembollen has a fine company in Obdam. Spread over 120 hectares, they produce many different varieties of tulips. The tulip bulbs are grown not only in Obdam but also in West Friesland, Flevoland, the northeast polder, North Brabant, France, New Zealand and even Chile! In this way, Borst greatly extends its season, from October to May! In this season some 30 million tulips are forced, an impressive number! The tulips remain in the greenhouse for a relatively long time, which improves their vase life and leaf color.

Borst specializes in exclusive tulip varieties and flexibility. With three automatic bunching machines available, Borst can make up different quantities of bunches. All of the flowers are pretreated, so the tulips do not continue growing as much and last longer. And especially for Decorum, Menno and his team select the finest quality tulips to supply each season with the compliments of Decorum.

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Borst Bloembollen BV J A, Noorderbrug 5, 1713 GA Obdam, Nederland


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