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Bicco Farms is a specialty alstroemeria grower in Colombia. Located in the fertile savannah on the outskirts of Bogota, we produce and export fresh cut flowers. Our farms are dedicated to serving the evolving needs of our customers across the globe and strive to deliver the highest quality, best presentation, and the latest trends in the flower market.

Our company places a high priority on helping the families that work with us; we provide a safe and clean work environment for them and have recreational facilities to use during their free time. We work actively to improve their living standards by providing them on-site doctors’ visits, dental, and eye care as well as a full range of health benefits through our affiliation with health care providers. We also operate a daycare center for their children and assist them with the acquisition of their houses.

Bicco Farms is a customer-oriented company that recognizes the importance of our commitments to the people who purchase from us; we understand that our clients’ ability to satisfy their customers depends in large part on our ability to fulfill our obligations to them.  Our company developed its own cloud-based software to manage our entire production and to provide our customers with complete traceability of the production of our flowers. Among other attributes, it allows us to detect conditions conducive to diseases and pests sooner so we can treat the plants before disease or pests spread.  This substantially reduces our use of chemicals and fungicides.

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Bicco Farms - Luzama Farm, Facatativa, Cundinamarca, Colombia


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