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No Poison, No Chemicals. Nature only! Certified Organically grown flowers & plants. That’s Bee-O. An organic plant or flower is what you want. They are strong and healthy.
Sustainable? Of course. All Bee-O products are officially certified as Organic.

Bee-O is motivated to help contribute to a floriculture sector with more certified organic produce. Bee-O believes that there’s a latent demand for organic flowers and plants among florists in Europe. And the rest of the world. Bee-O will create more demand for organic flowers and plants to develop a new context where organic products are better available. A new context within it is profitable for a large number of growers to start to grow organically.

Bee-O’s mission is to create a new context in floriculture to enable more growers to start growing in an organic way. Join Bee-O and help to make this happen!

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Legmeerdijk 313, 1431 GB Aalsmeer, Nederland


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